Sweet Bonanza – Free Spins, Bonuses

Sweet Bonanza is a new fascinating online slot game that has drawn the attention of the players from all over the world, including Australia. It is pretty new, so the game still feels like a breath of fresh air in the gambling world.

The game was created by Pragmatic Play developer company. The company is widely known on the international online casino market, and has a great reputation. The products of the company are captivating, exciting, colourful, have great design, interesting and easy gameplay, and what is more important: they are fair. You have probably heard of the company other legendary products such as Candy Stars, Pirate Golden Age, Fire Hot, etc. These are for sure amazing, however lets talk about the one slot machine that is already so loved by the players.

sweet bonanza game

Sweet Bonanza characteristics

Developer companyPragmatic Play
Type of gameSlot
Available platformsPC, mobile devices
Minimum bet$0.2
Maximum bet$100

*RTP (Return to player) – is the percentage of all money the users will be paid pack over time. For example, if the RTP is 90% it means that the casino keeps for itself only 10% of all deposited money, and the rest is paid out. It is also important to remember that RTP can never be 100%, it is extremely unrealistic and is a sign of money fraud. Therefore, we suggest looking for the games and casinos with RTP being lower than 99% and higher than 90%. This way you are more likely to win great prizes on trustworthy sites.

Sweet Bonanza is a typical slot game with 6 reels and 5 rows also available in demo mode. It has a fruit theme and colourful design with bright and light colours. The theme is addressed in every detail: the background, the music, the nice symbols and relaxing, though still exciting atmosphere. It works smoothly and perfectly, avoiding bugs and screen freeze. It is a huge advantage, because you can totally rely on the game to bring you a lot of pleasure at any time. Moreover, you can play Sweet Bonanza slot for free or real money right from your phone or a tablet. And in case you are an Android user, we have a great surprise for you – you can easlily download the slot on your phone right from the Android official store.

The graphics are the same in the PC version and in mobile version, therefore you dont need to worry about it being confusing at first if you plan to switch the device. You will quickly recognize all the rules, so give it a go.

If you dont want to download the game, we totally understand it and recommend finding a reliable online casino that provides Sweet Bonanza. You can pay attention to the platforms we review on our website to always be sure that the casino is good and can be relied on.

game rules

How to play Sweet Bonanza

Sweet Bonanza is widely popular on the online gambling market, and partly because of its easy gameplay. You dont need to do anything – just place bets and restart the rounds. However, you can make it even simpler and switch on the auto-play feature.

The main point of the game is to collect more than 8 similar symbols in one round. How it works:

  1. You place a bet;
  2. Start the round by clicking the round icon;
  3. Symbols randomly appear on the screen;
  4. The game automatically selects the combination of over 8 matching symbols and counts your winnings according to each symbol worth.

Sounds pretty easy, doesnt it? There are different symbols involved in the gameplay: candy, fruits, and the special scatter symbol. Each one has its own worth, which can change according to their quantity. There are three quantity groups: between 8 and 9, 10 – 11, and over 12. The worth of each symbol increases as the number grows. Lets see how much each symbol worths in dollars according to the quantity on the screen:

Symbol8-9 / 410-11 / 512+ / 6
Red candy$20$50$100
Purple candy$5$20$50
Green candy$4$10$30
Blue candy$3$4$24


*The scatter symbol is really rare in Sweet Bonanza, so the payment for collecting them goes differently. It starts with 4 similar symbols, and is increased gradually. You can see the certain numbers for scatter in the table after the slash.

The minimum bet in the game is $2, however you can double your chances to win making it $2.5.

Main features of Sweet Bonanza

Besides the main gameplay there are also several interesting features and bonus rewards you need to know about before you go and play.

First of all, it comes to Free Spins. As we have already mentioned, scatter is a really unique and lucky symbol. However, it is not only because of its high worth – the symbol can get you some free spins.

How does it work?

When 4 or more scatter symbols appear on the screen, the player receive bonus free spins. It means that he or she can play for free 10 round in a row. And, whats more – if 3 or more scatters appear during the free round, the player receives 5 extra free spins.

The second important detail is that it has a tumble feature. It means that when there is a lucky combination, it disappears from the screen after being paid to the user, and some other different symbols take their place. If there is another winning combination, it is also being paid out and so on, until there are no matches anymore. This feature helps to significantly increase the winning amount, because even if the payout was pretty medium at first, in can be quickly boosted.

You also can buy a sweet bonanza bonus that will significantly increase your chances to win for $200.

sweet bonanza welcome image


Sweet Bonanza is a great slot game that has turned into a real classic for a pretty short period. It is incredibly easy, exciting, and beautiful. It doesnt matter what gambling skills you have, the game will be highly beneficial for all – the novice players and the professionals.

We recommend you to check it out on one of the casino platforms our site reviews. This way you will certainly have some great time and fully enjoy the gambling process!

What currency the game accepts?

The currency changes according to the options of the casino platform that offers the game. The currency is set in compliance with your account settings.

How do I play for money?

Join a reliable casino platform and make a deposit to play this game. You can select one of the casinos we offer on our website.

Can I play in the slot for free?

Yes, there is such an option. You can learn how to play in the free mode before joining a real money game.

Can I switch off the sound of the game?

Yes, you can switch it off or change the volume. It can be done in the game menu.

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